Prof. Dr. Peter N. Posch Director of FiRRM
Peter N. Posch is professor of finance at the technical university of Dortmund, Germany and director of the Centre for Finance, Risk and Resource Management (FiRRM). Previously he served as co-Head of credit treasury at a top-5 bank where he traded for the proprietary book and was responsible for the active management of the group’s credit risk.
His research focuses on financial innovation and data analysis. He publishes in internationally recognized journals and has co-authored a bestselling book on credit risk published in its second edition by Wiley Finance. He holds a PhD in Finance on the dynamics of credit risk, a work recognized with the Reuters Innovation award. He studied quantitative economics, philosophy and law at the University of Bonn.
Peter is a frequent speaker at international conferences, trainer for several companies, and conducts consultancy projects for financial institutions and corporates.
Philipp Schmidtke Research Associate
Philipp Schmidtke was born on the 1st of April 1991 in Leipzig, Germany. He got his high-school diploma in 2009 from Neue Nikolaischule in Leipzig. Subsequently, he studied applied mathematics at HTWK Leipzig. He received his bachelor’s degree in 2012 and his master’s degree in 2015. Both of his theses were done in cooperation with the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig on topics regarding economic-ecological modeling and the coexistence of species. During his time in Leipzig, he worked several times as a tutor for various courses. Since April 2015, he has been working on his Ph.D. at the Centre for Finance, Risk- & Resource Management under Prof. Dr. Peter N. Posch, at TU Dortmund University.
Gerrit Köchling Research Associate
Gerrit Köchling studied Business Mathematics at the Technical University of Dortmund. During his Bachelor studies, he spent one semester as an intern at the KfW banking group in Frankfurt. He participated in validating statistical models for quantifying operational risk and implementing graphical user interfaces. He completed his masters in Business Mathematics with the main focus being on mathematical optimization and finance. Using the so-called fast track, he joined the Centre for Finance, Risk & Resource Management at the beginning of his fourth Master semester in April 2017.
Nils Engelhardt Research Associate
Nils Engelhardt studied Business Mathematics at the Technical University of Dortmund where he received his master’s degree. Using the so-called fast track, he joined the Centre for Finance, Risk & Resource Management at the beginning of his fourth Master semester in February 2018. In his master thesis, he examined novel determinants of corporate default in the case of micro-sized corporations. His main research interests lie in exploring new datasets and quantitative analysis, with strong links to economics and finance.
Aydin Aslan Research Associate
Aydin Aslan studied Economics and Quantitative Finance at the University of Kiel. During his bachelor studies, he gained practical experience as a working student for three semesters in the credit risk management division of the HSH Nordbank AG in Hamburg, participating in the analysis and restructuring of shipping portfolios. In his master studies, he spent an exchange year at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France focusing on pricing and hedging of derivatives, financial econometrics, and international finance. After his exchange year, he did a three-month internship at Deloitte Germany in Hamburg, where he developed a tool for quantifying risks. He is currently writing his master thesis on portfolio selection by full-scale optimization.
Daniel Neukirchen Research Associate
Daniel Neukirchen completed his bachelor’s degree in International Business at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. During his bachelor studies, he worked as an intern at a consulting company and spent a semester abroad at the University of Limerick, Ireland. After graduation in 2016, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation at the University of Wuppertal. In order to gain further professional experience alongside his master’s, Daniel worked as a working student at a medium-sized company in the mechanical and plant engineering industry for two years. 
Lars Poppe Research Associate
Lars Poppe is studying Physics at the Technical University of Dortmund. During his studies he worked at the Faculty of Mathmatics as a tutor and helped to create and maintain a e-learning portal for students. He then began working as a scientific assistant at the Centre for Finance, Risk & Resource Management. Thereupon he joined the team using the so-called fast track. His master’s thesis is in the field of astroparticle physics and deals with ill-posed inverse problems.
Miguel Krause Research Associate
Miguel Krause studied Business Mathematics at the Technical University of Dortmund. After his bachelor studies, he spent a semester as an intern at Innogy SE in Essen, where he built a benchmark tool for water powerplants. For his master’s thesis, he did a 3-month internship in the risk management department of ERGO Group AG in Düsseldorf. He completed his master’s in Business Mathematics, focusing on stochastics and finance. He joined the Centre for Finance, Risk, & Resource Management in October 2019.
Christian Lee Student Assistant
Christian Lee is a 3rd Year Bachelor student of Business & Economics at TU Dortmund University, and is currently specializing in Economics on his course. After finishing his A-Levels at St. Andrew’s College Cambridge in England, he came to Dortmund in 2017 to pursue his studies. Having interned at an online news magazine and a content & marketing agency during his gap year before university, Christian now works for the Centre for Finance, Risk and Resource Management as a student assistant in his spare time. Not only does he assist in general research activities, but he also writes for the website and proofreads FiRRM’s English-written content.