Finanzdämmerung: Welche Zukunft haben die Banken?

Stephan Molt and Peter N. Posch

Financial crisis, negative interest rates, lack of innovation. The established financial sector is not coming out of the headlines. What role do banks and insurance companies really play? What is behind the new and so-called FinTechs? Two experts from the industry provide a compact overview of current developments in the global financial and economic system. Artificial intelligence, crypto currencies, and new business models will shape the banks of tomorrow. This book is your travel guide for the future. It is aimed at a broad audience interested in the history and, above all, the further development of the global financial sector. The overview of the historical development of capital, banks, and financial systems illustrates the connections that led to the global financial crisis in 2008. Building on this, the authors penetrate the complex web of regulation, supervision, economic and financial systems. The book concludes with a description of the – gloomy or hopeful? – future of the global financial sector.

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