Who we are

Founded in 2014 at the chair of finance, the Center for Finance, Risk and Resource management (FiRRM) is a hub of research and education at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.  We specialize in modern financial applications to the real economy and the application of risk management. To understand the present challenges in finance, our working group designs and conducts research studies across a broad field of disciplines, adopting and developing innovative data-driven techniques. We are building a community of talented financial analysts who carry out empirically outstanding research within their disciplines in order to address the key problems facing the financial industry. Want to meet the team? Click here!

What we do

Our team focuses on cutting-edge research topics in quantitative finance and is actively engaged in projects with industry, the public sector, and local businesses. By adopting sophisticated data mining techniques, we create unique datasets and build new tools with the ability to provide deeper insight into financial markets. For both structured and unstructured data, we develop forecasts for, for example, future developments or hedging strategies. This is achieved through a variety of quantitative methods, especially techniques in the field of machine learning. For more information on the work we do here, have a look through our projects, news page and our research.