H Rafeld joins Villanova University Coference Panel

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You might remember H. Rafeld as one of FiRRM’s graduates that released a paper on Financial Disasters and Rogue Trading (which we covered in this article). Recently, he was invited to join a panel discussion as part of the 2019 ComplianceNet Conference at the University of Villanova.

Hosted by the Charles Widger School of Law and its Girard-diCarlo Center for Ethics, Integrity and Compliance, the conference was an opportunity for scholars to exchange research on legal and regulatory topics in accordance with this year’s conference theme- Business Ethics.

H. Rafeld spoke on a panel disscussing the dark side of compliance, during which, he presented his research on Implications of Control Balance, Organizational Misbehaviour, and Behavioural Patterns of Group Dynamics.

Also joining in on the discussion Professors of Law- June Carbone, William Black, Don Langervoot, and Villanova Law and Business School Professor Josephine Sandler Nelson.

(left to right): H rafeld, D Langervoot, J S Nelson, W Black, J Carbone

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