Essays on Corporate, Social and resource Responsibility

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RIn April 2017, a new CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) law went into effect that would directly influence the accountability of large firms across Germany. Namely, the CDIA (CSR Directive Implementation Act).

In essence, it was passed in order to strengthen corporate disclosure throughout Germany by making sustainability reporting mandatory. According to the EU directive, the main focus is on social, economic, and environmental topics. Over a year later, FiRRM graduate A. Bergmann set out to answer several basic key questions: How are firms really affected by the CDIA? Which firms are affected by it? And most importantly, does company size play a role?

Alexander Bergmann providing a quick breakdown one of his survey findings.

In his paper titled Mandatory Sustainability Reporting in Germany: Does Size Matter? (available in Sustainability), he finds out what firms really think of CDIA. By surveying over 150 German firms, he has compiled answers that help provide insight into how the CSR law has affected german businesses since it’s implementation.

Interested in his findings? Click here for the full break-down.

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