M. Sc. Nils Engelhardt

Research Associate
Nils Engelhardt studied Business Mathematics at the Technical University of Dortmund where he received his master’s degree. Using the so-called fast track, he joined the Centre for Finance, Risk & Resource Management at the beginning of his fourth Master semester in February 2018. In his master thesis, he examines novel determinants of corporate default in the case of micro-sized corporations. His main research interest lies in exploring new datasets and quantitative analysis with a strong link to economics and finance.


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Blog entries

Supervised Works

  • (2020) The impact of news attention on financial markets during the COVID-19 crisis Bachelor Thesis
  • (2020) Technical analysis of the U.S. stock market Bachelor Thesis
  • (2020) Auf dem Weg zum Börsengang – Eine Analyse der Einflussfaktoren von Börsengängen basierend auf Crunchbase Daten Bachelor Thesis
  • (2019) Equity crowdfunding as an alternative way of financing Bachelor Thesis
  • (2019) Implementing a battery index as a proxy for growing electric vehicle demand Bachelor Thesis
  • (2019) Bankruptcy prediction models: A comparison of parametric and nonparametric conditional probability estimation Bachelor Thesis
  • (2019) Pricing Credit Valuation Adjustment For Interest Rate Swaps Bachelor Thesis
  • (2019) Modeling Default Risk In Peer-To-Peer Lending Bachelor Thesis
  • (2019) Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning Bachelor Thesis