M. Sc. Gerrit Köchling

Research Associate
Gerrit Köchling studied Business Mathematics at the Technical University of Dortmund. During his Bachelor studies he spent one semester as an internship at the KfW banking group in Frankfurt. He participated in validating statistical models for quantifying operational risk and implementing graphical user interfaces. He completed his master in Business Mathematics with a main focus on mathematical optimization and finance.      


Using the so-called fast track, he joined the Centre for Finance, Risk & Resource Management at the beginning of the fourth Master semester in April 2017.



Köchling, Gerrit; Müller, Janis; Posch, Peter N

Price delay and market frictions in cryptocurrency markets Journal Article

Economics Letters, 174 , pp. 39 - 41, 2019, ISSN: 0165-1765.

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Köchling, Gerrit

Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik Conference

Verein für Socialpolitik Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, 2018.


Köchling, Gerrit; Schmidtke, Philipp

International Finance and Banking Society Conference

IFABS Porto, Portugal, 2018.


Köchling, Gerrit; Müller, Janis; Posch, Peter N

Does the Introduction of Futures Improve the Efficiency of Bitcoin? Journal Article Forthcoming


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Köchling, Gerrit; Posch, Peter N

How does hedge accounting influence firm value?


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Köchling, Gerrit; Posch, Peter N; et al.,

Do Firms Hedge in Order to Avoid Financial Distress Costs? New empirical evidence using bank data


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Selected Supervised Works

  • (2017) Forecasting of Share-Prices through Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Networks Bachelor Thesis